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ET-Connector product properties

ET-Connector Eigenschatfen - "What do you want today?"

Base system including

  • OS-independent development on 100% pure-Java®* for Windows®, Linux® and Solaris®
  • Workflowengine for modelling of businesss workflows
  • Applicable as EDI Converter, Message converter, Format converter, as EDI Connector, Business Connector or integration platform, as Adapter or Plugin
  • Integrated TEST-/PRODUCTION-system
  • Generation of documents and checklists
  • Collaborative work through rich client (LAN)
  • Automatic error signaling in 5 levels (FINER,FINE,INFO,ERROR,WARNING)
  • Transport queue for automatic repetition of failed transports
  • Drag n' Drop comfort editor incl. debugging of workflows
  • Unlimited tree data model for complex data
  • Complete log of all actions, storage and archiving of input and output data and intermediate states
  • Automatic archiving per year and month and automatic archive control, Enabling/Disabling of archives at runtime
  • User accounts  and groups
  • API incl. integrated JAVA-Interpreter
  • OEM-Ready - Individual versions available
  • Mock transports for simulation of transactions
  • PDF viewer integrated in ET-Connector, dynamic update
  • Change log for configuration with date and user

Data manipulation

  • Multi-Cleaning, unlimited number of functions per field, cross references to other fields, math functions (product, sum, round)
  • Aggregation
  • Delta-Function
  • Data expansion
  • Sorting
  • Multiplex/Demultiplex
  • Mathematic functions: +,-,*,/ and round
  • Date calculation (i.e.. +60 days)
  • Recalculation of documents including various tax rates, discounts and allowances

Protocols / Communication channel

  • FTP, S-FTP, FTP-S (Client+Server)
  • POP3/SMTP (Client)
  • SMTP Server
  • X.400 via AS2
  • OFTP2 IP (RFC5024) incl. Encryption, SSL & Signature 
  • HTTP(S) (Client+Server)
  • SOAP Client + Server
  • WebDAV (Client)
  • CIFS
  • C1 OnRamp (cc-hubwoo, Commerce1)
  • SAP tRFC


All text-formats through template-technique available, as of

  • XML und Derivate wie
    • OpenTRANS
    • chemXML
    • ebXML
    • xCBL
    • cXML
    • u.a.
  • VDA / Odette
  • HTML
  • PDF 
  • EDIFACT (all)
    • CEFIC – Chemical industry
    • EANCOM – Retail industry
    • EDIBDB – Building material
    • EDIFICE – High tech industry
    • EDIFOR - Logistics
    • EDIFURN – Furniture
    • EDIGAS – Energy( EDIG@s / MSCONS )
    • EDILEKTRO - Electronics
    • EDILIBE – Books
    • EDITEC - Sanitary
    • EDITEX – Fashion
    • EDITRANS - Logistics
    • EDIWHEEL - Wheels
    • ETIS - Telecommunication 
    • and more ...
  • ANSI X.12
  • all kinds of text formats, like fixed-length formats, separator files (CSV), and others
  • DTA
  • JSON


Integrated template languages:

  • Java Template Toolkit (JTT)
  • Velocity
  • XSLT


Integrated security center:

  • Management of SSL-certificates for secure websites, signatures, client-authentication and trusts
  • Management of  SmartCards for qualified digital signatures
  • Integrated creation of self-signed certificates
  • Support for smartcards with a key length of 2048
  • Creation of certificate requests (CSR)
  • Creation and management of PGP keys
  • Automatic exchange of certificates by schedule
  • Configurable expiration warnings

Integrated firewall:

  • BlackList/WhiteList mode


  • Generation and verification of signatures for X509 certificates or PGP keys
  • OCSP Requests
  • CRL Requests
  • Hashing mit SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 or MD5
  • Integration of digiseal Server for creation and verification of full-qualified signatures


  • Encryption of data with X509 certificates or PGP keys
  • Decryption of data with X509 certificates or PGP keys
  • Supported algorithms:
    X509: AES128, AES192, AES256, CAST5, DES3, RC2, IDEA

Encoding / Decoding

  • Encoding and decoding of data with base64, gzip, zip, quoted-printable, EBCDIC (IBM1047), utf-8, utf-16, hp-roman-8, us-ascii, ibm850, ibm500, and other


Read and write access for SQL databases, as of

  • Microsoft SQL-Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • More on request ...

Global database connection pool for optimization and recycling of database connections.


Web application for tracing, creation and monitoring of transactions:

  • User account dependent views
  • Configuration of views incl. checks
  • Tracing & monitoring incl. search option, repeat option, manual confirmation
  • Policies per group
  • Printing function


Add-on module for WebEDI base module:

  • Creation of documents / Post on documents
  • Validation of documents on posting
  • Workflow items to control WebEDI forms (user defined actions)

PDF Designer

Creation of PDF reports, i.e. for invoice lists

  • Definition of forms with WYSIWYG-Editor, dynamic pictures 
  • Output formats PDF and HTML
  • Creation of barcodes (i.e. Code39, EAN128, Code-A, 2of5, and others )
  • Concatentation of PDF pages, embedding attachments

Quality software: Made in Germany

  • Self developed -> No third party development
  • Customer driven development
  • Quality assurance per development process
  • Automatic build process
  • Automatic unit-tests